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Behind the Curtains of the CHS Marching Band 
By: Myah Webb
The Camden High School Marching Band holds an important role in the extracurricular activities of Camden Central. But what goes on behind the curtains may surprise you. Each year the Marching Band has different music, marchers, and drill (the movement on the field), but many are not aware of all the money from fundraisers and funding by the Board of Education that has to be out into the Marching Band program. To read more, click here.
CHS Concession Stands
​By: Elizabeth Volz
Do you know those stands where you get all of your snacks and drinks at the home football games? Do you ever wonder what it takes to keep those stands up, running, and providing you with food almost every Friday night? Here are some facts and quotes from the great ladies and gentlemen that run the concession stands. To read more, click here.
You're a Band Manager?  
By: Brittany Douglas

If you are anything like most of the high school, you didn't even know the band had managers. Just like any other sport, though, the band does in fact have managers. I asked Tiffany Haskins, one of six band managers, about her band managing experience. To read more, click here.