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The Lion's Roar Newscast

This annual tradition started in 2004, and it's time for it again. It's the CHS Lift-a-Thon. It will be held Saturday, April 26 at 11:00, at the CHS gymnasium. The Lift-a Thon is a fundraiser that helps players raise money for the team. This is the only fundraiser that will be held for the football team. A player must lift so much weight per cent that a person sponsors. Please ask a player if you would like to sponsor them.

                 GO LIONS!
HOSA participated in the Blood Drive on Tuesday, April 22. From left to right: Mrs. Dobson, Michael Melton, Amber Gallimore, Shelby Hatler, and Rachel Cooper.
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Mrs. Marks, CHS Media Specialist, shared that as of April, 24th, 2014 CHS students have taken and passed 2,634 AR tests and read 195,551,664 words!!

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