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Fun Fact of the Day

Drying your hands with paper towel will reduce the bacterial count by 45 - 60% on your hands. However, using a hand dryer will increase the bacteria on your hands by up to 255% because it blows out bacteria already living in the, conveniently, warm moist environment.
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College/Career Night
College/Career Night will be in the CHS cafeteria, Thursday, September 4th, 2014, 6 to 7p.m. During this time, students will get to meet different representatives from different colleges, technical schools, and the military.
Greenhouse Project
BCCTC is building a new greenhouse to replace the old greenhouse. This greenhouse will be directly behind BCCTC, so it will provide more use to students. It's also bigger and more up to date than the old one. Construction has been going on since the beginning of school and is just about done.
Think Nobody Does AR?

As of August 25th, 2014,

 there has been 133 AR tests taken

 8,816,849 words read

Average test grade: 84
The Labor Day weekend is August 28th-September 1st, everyone enjoy their break and please be safe with all the yardsalers out!!!