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The Lion's Roar Newscast
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Fun Fact of the Day
Think Nobody Does AR?

As of October 6th, 2014,

 there have been 656 AR tests taken

 46,488,052 words read

Average test grade: 80
Upcoming Events

Attention: The Pay 4 Grades awards did not make it into the newspaper this week! Because of this, the list has been uploaded and will also be posted on the wall at school. Please click here for the full list of students receiving the award. The money award will be available October 24th- November 7th. After November 7th, this money will NOT be available anymore, it will be discarded.

This Friday, October 24th, will be senior night for the football program as we play Stewart County at 7:30p.m. Senior night will begin at 6:45p.m. 

CHS Veteren’s Day program will be held on Tuesday, November 11th, in the gym at 8:30a.m. Students can turn in pictures of relatives who have served or who are serving to Coach Blackburn. These will be included in a powerpoint presentation at the beginning of the program.

On Thursday, November 13th, a Tennessee Promise representative will be here to discuss the Tennessee Promise with seniors at 12:30p.m. in the gym.

 There's a mysterious satellite of unknown origin that's orbiting Earth. Dubbed the Black Knight Satellite, astronomers have been reporting strange radio signals allegedly coming from the satellite since the 1930's- before NASA or the Soviet Union put satellites into space.
Mrs. Wright's art classes are working on pumpkins for Halloween!
Congratulations to members of Mrs. Tucker's and Mrs. Melton's RTI classes for scoring 90's and 100's on the test for Dairy Queen! You guys rock!