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Fun Fact of the Day
Think Nobody Does AR?

As of January 1, 2015,

 there have been 1,332 AR tests taken, and

97,206,019 words read
There's a type of strawberry in Japan that is completely white, inside and out, with red seeds.
The Lion's Roar- Episode 39
Teacher Fit Phase I Winners
1) Lunch box with healthy lunch already provided: Millette Florence, Camden Elem.

2) Lunch box with healthy lunch already provided: Tina Doncho, Camden Junior High; lunch room

3) My Sync Activity Tracker: Heidi Laux, Camden Junior High

4) Yoga DVD: Mr. Florence, Director of Schools

5) Ankle/Wrist 3Ibs. Weights: Angie Tucker, Camden Central High School

6) Bag of Healthy Snacks: Vicki Barker, Big Sandy School

7) "Grow Your Kitchen Herbs": Emily Knight, Briarwood

8) Pizza Herb Garden: Sonya Leonard, Camden High School